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Emeto what? The secret phobia

Emetophobia Oh fear of being sick – oh yeah I have that, doesn’t everybody? After all no one likes being sick do they? Sound familiar?

What they don’t understand is how this fear is all consuming, how it consumes your every waking thought, how just doing the simplest of things is just so exhausting. Who touched that glass? Did they touch the rim of the glass? Did they wash their hands before they touched it? Are they ill? Have they been in contact with someone who has been ill recently? How can you possibly know how safe that glass is with all these variables, to even contemplate putting it to your lips and drinking the water inside of it, even though you are so thirsty. These are the sorts of thoughts that go through the head of an Emetophobe. It is a life consuming condition that envelopes a person and traps them into a world of variables that if they are not careful imprisons them in a life of hell,where they are unable to go out, see friends, work and generally enjoy life. Emetophobia is the fifth most common phobia but so little is spoken about it, known as the secret phobia, because no one understands, how it feels to be an emotophobe. Together we can work through this fear to give some release and help you to get your life back to where you want it to be. Through a combination of counselling, psychotherapy techniques, BWRT, hypnotherapy and CBT we can improve your life together. The road is tough, but you have nothing to lose and the prospect of everything to gain. Call me now on 07800 939 574 to see how I can help you, or chat now!.

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