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BWRT - A new approach

The truly exciting thing about BWRT is that it works directly in that 'cognitive gap' before conscious awareness. So where more standard therapies will be seeking to access the anxiety - triggering amygdala via conscious processes, BWRT works from the other end of the scale - in the very early brain before the amygdala has even received the message!

We work with the Reptillean Complex, or Lizard Brain, which for 600 million years or so has been and still is the first responder in all sentient animals. Its far speedier than even the fastest thought in response to any stimulus but especially to threats against survival, be they real or simply perceived.

The engine of BWRT is a naturally occuring brain state, the 'freeze' response, a 'synthetic' version of which is induced therapeutically and without trauma. Then we use the primary communication processes of the early brain to reorganise and neutralise the response associated with the presenting symptom.

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