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Revision Tips for exams

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The great truth! You have always had an excellent ability to recall information that you have learned. But we often forget how easily we find this because it all seems, well... just too easy and normal. Instead we fixate on the times we couldn't remember because the sense of frustration was so great. Remember that test where your mind went blank and you couldn't recall those dates for that history exam? But I bet you don't easily remember how well you recalled all the other information on the questions that you got right because they were just easy questions... Right?

Think for a moment about what happens when you put things away in their usual place... shock horror, you can easily find them later, but now think about what happens when you put something away in an absent minded manner, without thought and you can recognise that sometimes you find it and sometimes it is in a different place to where you expected it to be. If you think about where you put it you can easily find it later on, but if you simply put it down without thought, then when you want to find it again you might be looking in the wrong place.

So your mind needs to be aware of the things you need to remember so that you can find them when you need them. whether these are physical objects, tasks, things you have to do, appointments , times and dates or things you need to tell someone. So how does the apply to your revision?

Your mind needs to put these important things that you are revising into a place that you can easily find, when it comes to those exams. To do this is very simple and I will show you how.

Before I do, there are two more really important things you need to understand about your subconsious mind.

  1. Whatever the conscious mind says, the subconscious believes as an absolute truth. So be careful what you tell yourself!

  2. The subconscious mind works in positives so when we say I must not forget this, what your subconscious mind hears I must forget this.

Step one: when you are revising and you come across something that you know is important, Tell yourself this is important I must remember this.

Step two: Take a moment and see yourself in the exam hall reading a question on the topic you are currently studying

Step three: Create a short mind video of yourself seeing the question and recalling all of the information and writing it down next to the question,

By doing this consciously at first, you are programming your mind to place the information into an accessible place in order for you to remember it, The more you practice anything the quicker and more easily it becomes to do. Just like when you write your name you don't have to think about it, but once, you had to think about each letter and how to form it, but as you practiced more and more it became automatic, the same is true for anything we do over and over again.

For more information on how on how hypnosis can help train your brain to adopt these simple techniques so they become more automatic, call now on 07800 939574.

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