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Tips to keep revision stress at bay

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Are you, or someone you know experiencing an increased anxiety that the summer term is fast approaching and with it, those dreaded exams?

Do you think your anxiety keeps you from performing at your best?

See below for tips to keep you in control of your revision and optimising your learning potential.

  1. Whilst a sense of urgency is helpful to focus the mind, don't leave it all to the last minute. You wouldnt leave all your training to run a marathon til the day before and it is the same for your exams. Little and often with frequent breaks is the best approach to create those strong connections in your brain to allow you to instantly recall.

  2. STRESS LESS! You can't stress your way to a solution, when we become stressed our brain becomes full of tension and can create headaches, learning to relax your mind, is key to allowing oxgenated blood flow to access all parts of the brain and allows the brain to be more flexible and able to take on new ideas and learning.

  3. Dont be tempted with the allure of the high energy drinks to power you through that revision. It will reek havoc with your blood sugar levels and lower your ability to focus, and stress you out,

  4. Stay hydrated, it helps to optimise brain function so you can focus better and for longer.

  5. Eat the rainbow! A healthy balanced idet is essential at any time but it will really help with your focus and recall if you can even out that blood sugar level and feed your brian with lots of healthy nutirents. Think protein and omega 3, fresh fruit and veg.

  6. Sleep well! Pulling an all nighter to fit in extra or last minute revision may seem like a good idea at the time, but its a but like tying your shoe laces together at the beginning of a race. Aim for 10-11 hours per night. Look after your sleep hygiene.

  7. BELIEVE! There is no trapdoor in the back of your brain where information falls out! And contrary to belief no one has a brain like a sieve! Everything you have ever experienced through sight, sound, touch, smell or taste is stored deep within your brain, just waiting to be activated, The information in our brain is like leaves on a tree, the stronger the branches (neural pathways) the easier it is to recall the information. Practice, practice, practice is all it takes! Revision is your practice.

If you would like some further help as to how hypnosis can help you to relax and give you the best chance at exam success. Call now.

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